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Team Work

Everything we do revolves around our amazing team. We count with trained workers that are centered in giving you the best work possible.

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Take a closed look at our work. We concentrate in providing quality, speed and professionalism in everything we do.

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Torching Processing

Our primary goal is to eliminate your inventory by increasing production through torch processing. We provide our own equipment based on the requirements of each facility. We travel anywhere in the U.S. that may need our assistance.

Who We Are

Team Work Centered

How We Work

Quality First

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What We Do

Our Line of Work


Some of the features that make us stand out from the others!
See it for yourself why we are the leader in the industry.

Heavy Machinery

At MR Torching we process heavy machinery materials while maintaining safety and efficiency.

Heavy Iron

Our goal is to serve you, we are here to process all kinds of materials from the smallest to the largest.

Scrap Metal

We not only process heavy machinery or iron, we also process scrap metal making it a one stop service.

On-Site Torching

Let us come to you! We are prepared with everything we need to process all kinds of materials.


Do you provide your own equipment?

We provide all torches, hoses, P.P.E. for employee. You provide gases, crane and operator.

Do you travel?

We travel anywhere in the U.S.

How and what do you charge?

We have options based on your needs; Contract and hourly rates are available. Our rates vary based on the longevity of the job, the materials to be cut and the yard set-up. Contact us for a detailed quote.

Do we need a minimum of material to qualify for your services?

If it is a local job there are no minimums. Any out of town or state jobs require a minimum of 100 tons.

Why People Choose Us?

We are responsible

One of our main goal is to meet our customers needs on time and professionally. We strive to conduct quality work with responsibility and following all laws and regulations.

99% of our clients are satisfied

We strive to create a network of customer satisfaction by providing quality work and performance. Our experience staff is dedicated to provide the highest customer service and give you the best experience possible.

We have reasonable prices

Our best attribute is our customer friendly prices while keeping the quality and professionalism. See it for your self, get a quote today.

Who We Are?

MR Torching was founded in the city of Roanoke Virginia with a long experience in the process of cutting metals for the recycling industry. MR Torching was born as a need of competent staff in the field, over time we have developed many projects such as demolition, recycling, demolition of locomotives, among others, our values have always been the good customer service honesty thus maintaining a good reputation among our customers.

Why working with us

With year of experience in the industry and a long line of relations with our customer MR Torching counts with all the necessary equipment to get recycling done the right way. Get a free no obligation quote today and find out for your self why customer choose MR Torching for their recycling needs.

Safety Points

What really makes us stand are our values and the way we conduct business.
Safety and procedures are our main priorities.

OSHA­ Compliance

We comply with all regulations mandate by OSHA. Making a safe environment for our employees and the people.


Never is too much. We are dedicated to protect our workers, customers facilities and the environment at all cost.

Love the Environment

With torching process the hassle wasting heavy iron or scrap metal can be easier and safer for the environment.

35 clients served
serving 49 states
thousands of tons recycled
accident free

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